What it's like to work with Toptier: Case Arado

May 10, 2021

We’ve been lucky to work with a Turku based IT consulting company Arado. The company was founded in 2015 and now they are a team of 15 talented people. The collaboration with the team has worked very well and we decided to sit down with Arado’s CEO Anssi Soinu and discuss the past couple of months. 

What was the main driver for you to look for an external partner?

“As consultants we’re constantly balancing our time between customers and internal business development. We realized that we needed a more structured and systematic approach to how to implement business development to our daily routines. Our approach had been pretty reactive and we didn’t really have any long term plans that we would’ve followed.

This was also reflected in our growth and way of recruiting new team members. So we hoped to have a pair of extra hands to help us get more clarity and I think we’ve come a long way in just four months. “

Why did you choose to work with us at Toptier?

“We had a few discussions with the Toptier team before starting the collaboration and we just had a really good feeling after the discussions. You were genuinely interested about our business and what kind of approach would work for us and help us grow. “

How would you describe the collaboration with Toptier?

“Your approach has been super human centric, something we value as a company. Since the first day, you’ve put a lot of effort to get to know our team and culture and worked with us like any other of our team members. Hilla has integrated into our team very well.”

What value has the collaboration brought you so far?

“There’s definitely more structure in our ways of working and we’re starting to get more and more routine to implementing business development to our everyday work. The collaboration started with an audit and based on that we structured a more concrete plan for the upcoming months.

We were able to create annual goals and a way to follow up our progress and evaluate if we are going in the right direction. Based on our goals Toptier helped us create an employer branding strategy and how to get started with it.

During these months we also improved our recruitment process, web pages and created an Arado Consultant profile. Already we’ve seen increased activity in our social media channels and web pages. Toptier also provided us with a lot of helpful material related to recruiting, employer branding, feedback giving and identifying our Tone of Voice - just to name a few!”

“In general it has felt like having an additional team member, who is willing to do their best for our company. They, for example, held a sales sparring session with us, too, when it came up that this would be helpful.”

Any closing words?

"The work itself has been helpful and we’ve been able to achieve a lot in a short period of time. We appreciated that you were able to help us on a strategic level and also with the operational work itself."

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