Toptier was founded to turn a troubling talent trend around

April 28, 2021
A year ago today we set upon the journey of taking Talent Management practices in Finland to the next level - and what a year it has been! But what made us take on the challenge in the first place?

Starting a new business venture is both incredibly giving and exhausting. On the other hand, witnessing a conflicting market trend develop in a direction we strongly disagree with was even more consuming. We couldn’t help ourselves: we had to do something about it!

It just didn’t seem right, standing on the sidelines, watching a crisis unfold. Now, we exist to fix the talent crisis: to build up companies’ own talent management expertise to enable their sustainable business growth.

The troubling talent trend

As the War of Talent has intensified across industries - especially within the tech and digital markets - talent acquisition expertise has drifted apart from hiring teams to specialized tech talent recruiters, in-house recruitment powerhouses and expensive, external recruiting partners. Many tech companies have even completely lost their ability to grow their own talent and teams: instead, they pay thousands of euros for every single new hire, while fighting against time to scale up their teams and reach their set business goals.

This loss of a fundamental skill set is apt to creating bottlenecks and process loops where roadmap planning and sustainable business growth becomes more difficult, even impossible.

Add to the mix the increased need for external recruitment partners, employer brand designers, and internally broken processes, and the actual act of hiring new talent keeps getting pushed further away from the actual teams looking for new employees. Daily work and the true employee experience might end up miles away from the glitter-frosted brand on top.

Operationally, the hiring teams lose sight of the cost and trouble of recruitment (as they don’t see the work put into finding the unicorn candidate they are requesting), which creates a loop of increasing demands. It becomes easy for teams to ask for more or better candidates, constantly, as it creates them no direct cost to do so - and suddenly, it’s easier to understand how tech talent recruitment has become an expensive unicorn hunting war with constantly rising salary requests.

Toptier Talent Advisory

Toptier was founded because we believe the fundamental skills of finding, hiring, developing and retaining business-crucial talent should be kept as close to the hiring teams as possible.

Building a successful business cannot be done without the correct people, and the correct people cannot be found and nurtured in this market situation without modern talent management practices.

The solution to bring talent management capabilities close to the teams is, of course, far from easy. Fighting against a detrimental trend and exciting true change within struggling companies is difficult. We are talking about a fundamental mindset shift, combined with new strategic ways-of-working and small incremental changes in the day-to-day operations.

But then, we get excited about fixing fundamental issues!

The talent challenges companies face today are not going anywhere any time soon - quite the opposite. We fear the tech talent market is just the beginning, and other industries are following the same troubling trend. Some are showing their first symptoms already. So why keep building up more talent expertise debt?

Even when our ultimate goal is to make ourselves jobless within our client companies (by building up their own talent management capabilities we directly make ourselves less and less important to them), we have our work cut out for us, in the future, too. We have barely taken the first steps in our mission.

Our success is measured through our clients’ results

Toptier is now closing on its first year of business. Looking back at what we have accomplished, we measure our success through our client companies’ results, many of whom have grown their business drastically, within mere months.

While one of our longest partnerships has already witnessed a team growth of 350 % (from 10 to 45 techies in just a few months time!), another has built up their talent management processes to the point of hiring their first own People Ops resource, and yet another is now setting up a strong foundation for a drastic change in the way they attract, gain and develop crucial talent in the future.

It has been delightful to see what a bunch of like-minded people can get done when they have a shared vision of how things should be improved for a brighter future. The Toptier crew has come together from diverse backgrounds to build a market-leading solution: to create a sustainable concept to fix the troubling talent trend.

We have a mission and the drive to shift the tech market away from expensive unicorn hunts and towards self-capable talent organizations. With the confidence of a one-year-old and backed by the evidence and results we have gained in building new talent management practices together with our brave customers, it is safe to say we have chosen the right path to pave - and are far from alone with our thoughts.

The question goes: are you ready to join the mission?

We build future-proof talent organizations by developing internal talent management competence.

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