Consultants making themselves jobless - are you kidding me?

April 13, 2021

Have you ever heard of consultants NOT trying to make themselves irreplaceable? Doesn’t that work against the greedy essence of consulting itself? A SELFLESS consultant aiming to teach what they know instead of making sure they get more projects sold?!

Well hello there, nice to meet you! Such consultants do exist. 🔥

Our aim is to, in fact, make ourselves jobless! And we also think this should always be the case.

Consequently - though operating in the people business - we steer away from ad hoc solutions such as hands-on recruitment consulting. Instead, we work in roles such as Transformation Consultant, Management Advisor, Head of People Ops, Talent Growth Hacker, or Talent Hub Builder, to name a few.

The problem with traditional recruitment consulting

Let’s face it: high quality consulting is not cheap. It’s like that damned pipe repair you’ve been putting off for years; it takes time, money, and it also needs to be done. But you know what is more expensive than buying a single recruitment consulting project? - Having to buy several because you learned nothing the first time, neither did your root causes for your organizational talent dilemmas get solved!

It’s a silenced truth that consultants thrive when client organizations have chronic problems. There’s a certain level of messed-upness that benefits recruitment consulting business. That may very well be one of the reasons why traditional recruitment consultants aren’t too concerned about teaching you to become better in neither acquiring nor retaining talent.

The problem is that this is very short sighted. Being greedy for know-how is disservice. What if a similar challenge hits again? It would mean having to, once again, pay a premium for the access to the expertise that could’ve been planted in the organization’s DNA in the first place!

Long-lasting change requires expertise transfer

Organizations don’t, at the end of the day, gain from a project that doesn’t include an in-built, organic expertise transfer. This boils down to whether you actually want to see impactful change in the LONG RUN.

An impactful consultant is not a bank of ideas passing them on for someone else to implement but more of a booster, organizer and facilitator. An impactful consultant analyzes, innovates, strategizes, and implements together with the client.  This 2.0 version of people ops consultant challenges you, indeed enabling you to learn.

We will set up a new framework which, in the future, you'll be able to independently iterate, maintain and develop further. Not only do your bottlenecks get solved by going deeper in your development initiatives but you’ll also become more independent and self-sufficient in the process.

This will lower the cost of your entire recruitment function. The effect will be long-lasting. 🚀

The world is not done by fixing one company. That is why we can afford to make ourselves “jobless” in your organization. On the whole, as long as the world keeps changing at this light speed we’ve seen for the past decades, there will always be a need for adaptation, transformation and organizational learning. You can never expect to be “done”.

We build future-proof talent organizations by developing internal talent management competence.

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